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Minorwood or Redwood?

If you're playing Minorwood what's 4 in this unimpeded auction?


2 is an artificial game force with at least one control.

My partner intended 4 to be Minorwood but it didn't even occur to me because we hadn't agreed on clubs. I bid as if it were natural, agreeing clubs, and inviting me to cue bid.

The day before, 4 would have been Redwood. I had stupidly agreed to switch to Minorwood without having discussed whether or not a non-jump raise to 4m asks for keycards.

If I had to present an auction that demonstrates why I prefer Redwood, I would choose this one. Because it's made with a jump, Redwood is unmistakable. For example, in this auction, 3 would have been natural so 4 has to be Redwood.

Redwood allows you to implicitly agree to a minor suit introduced on the three-level and ask for keycards while retaining enough bidding space to be effective and consistent with 4 Kickback. The only drawback is that you need an agreement for auctions in which the Redwood suit has been bid naturally.

Those who prefer Minorwood are invited to state their reasons with example auctions.

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