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You hold xx/xxx/KQxxxx/Ax. You open 2diamonds. Partner bids 2NT askingfor a feature. You bid 3clubs. Partner bids 3hearts and you bid 4hearts. An opponentdoubles 4hearts ending the auction.

Now for the rest of the story. Your partner alerted 2diamonds and whenasked said it was Flannery (four spades, five hearts 11-15 HCP). He plays it with lotsof his partners but not with you. An opponent askswhat 2NT is and you should say that it asks for distribution. If you saythat it asks for a feature, your partner might guess what has happened.You bid 3clubs showing your feature and raise 3hearts to 4hearts and it gets doubled.Before the opening lead is made, you explain that you'replaying weak 2-diamond bids and that 2NT asked for a feature. This isthe active ethics way of dealing with misinformation and this is the way the rules should be written.

If you were behind screens, this is what would have happened.

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