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Modify style with vulnerability?

There seems to be a trend to modify system according to vulnerability – for instance playing weak or mini 1NT when favourable. Have also seen pairs, mainly big-clubbers, keep the same system but open lighter NV and in particular green against red. Guess this is most useful at IMPs.

Playing a 5542 2/1 GF system, partner and I now open most 11-counts and 1NT is 13+-16. Making the system more aggressive would mean to open most 10-counts favourable while 1NT would be more like 12+ -16- or so. We could then possibly revert to 12+ and 1NT 15-17 red against white without much modification. With full disclosure certainly, including that 3rd hand openings NV can be even lighter.

Would be glad if you can share you experiences if you play this style. Does for instance the pre-emptive aspect of opening very light compensate the risk of overbidding/underbidding to game or slam NV?

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