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More of This - Please!

As some of you know, I have managed our bridge website in Minnesota for many years.  My pleasure to recount this recent KO match for so many reasons!

Not only am I delighted to see more and more students and younger players start learning our game - I am impressed in so many ways with their attitude, drive and desire to improve.

Many of our students understand that to get better, you gotta get out there, compete, and learn from experienced and expert players.  They may not win a lot - in the beginning - with this attitude.  Yet it is the way to improve, learn and be on your way to becoming an expert yourself!  (And please note that they ARE doing well already - earning trips to NABC's, NAP competitions and so forth!)

Hoping that some of these students 40 or 50 years from now are helping a new generation of players learn our game. And - having a blast all along the way!

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