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Multiple Opening Transfer Bids

Introduction to MOTBs:The main principles behind this system are the following:1) 4 card majors are important. Establishing a 4-4 or better major fit is first priority, more important than 5-3 fits or 5 card majors. Because we show any 4 card major immediately, there is no need for Stayman or New Minor Forcing.2) The Notrump structure is the foundation of any system. This system uses 3-4 different 1NT structures all at the same time. So 12-14, 15-17, and 18-20 ranges can all be used at the 1NT level plus 8-11 HCP not vulnerable. No other system can do this. The foundations of this system is superior to any other.3) The biggest advantage of Precision is that it is really 2 Systems in one. And it uses the 1C bid for all big hands by opener. This system goes further. It eliminates the need for the strong 1C bid. It also eliminates the need for the strong 2C bid.4) Bids are within specific ranges, usually 3-4 point ranges at the one level and 2-4 point ranges at the two level. This allows for highly descriptive bidding. Yet, opponents will not know which range until the rebids.5) Position and vulnerability is highly important, especially with weak Notrump, weak 2-Bids, and other pre-emptive bids. This system easily transforms according to position and vulnerability by simply dropping those bids.6) Not only are weak 2-bids employed, but also weak 2-suited hands, depending on one’s vulnerability and position, of course.

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