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My curiosity's been piqued

I've just finished a pair of books by Marshall Miles (It's Your Call and Modern Constructive Bidding, for what it's worth), both excellent and insightful books that've given me a lot to think about that. But there were a couple of things that were mentioned totally in passing which caught my eye. 


A system called Blue Jay was mentioned as a home-grown system played by an acquaintance of the author involving very light, wide ranging opens and responses/rebids focusing almost entirely on shape. While it doesn't sound like I'll be playing it at any point in the future, I'd be very interested if anyone has heard of it/has any notes regarding it, from a purely academic standpoint.


The second point I'd like some info on would be Puppet Major Suit Raises, which were mentioned very much in passing, but which I can't find any mention of online. I'm willing to believe that's just because I'm not searching the right places or using the right terms, but I'd much appreciate any input on them. Maybe they're something I've heard of by another name?

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