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My first month away from the game

It has been about a month since I learned of  ACBL's decision to readmit an admitted collusive...uh, 'offender'. In a way I'm glad the hubbub has died down because following this topic has been like listening to nails being dragged on a chalkboard. While following the thread (and after some soul-searching) I decided that I would no longer support the ACBL with membership dues, director duties, and through play at my club and at tournaments (my dues are paid up through September). This article will relate how that month has gone.


First, I had to play on the first Friday :) I couldn't get in touch with my regular partner to cancel, and rather than leave her in the lurch I made a judgment call and just showed up. Showing up did give me a chance to poll the players on what they thought about the reinstatement. Only one other person heard about it,  but when asked the split was practically even between 'let him play', 'I'm not sure about it' and 'ban the guy'. A few players thought I was crazy for for boycotting the ACBL, a few sympathized and most wished me well.


I have been playing lots of pickleball and working out more in general (let's be honest - lots of bridge often leads to a little healthy plumpness). I've started a swimming regimen and also started playing robot tournaments on BBO. I had to politely decline when asked to fill in as a director at the club twice ( they found other substitutes), although I did agree to teach the club's novice class last week (and will continue to teach).


Have I missed bridge? Yes. I'd be fibbing if I said otherwise. Do I regret my decision to forgo bridge in an effort to make a political statement? I have to admit: yes, a little. However, when I think about it the ACBL practically dared me to boycott (as a director in that 'reinstatement' thread iterated): I am not permitted to refuse to play lest I receive sanctions and discipline, and - as honest as I could be - I think I would refuse to play if faced with this dilemma of playing (or not) the reinstated player. So, rather than butt heads I decided to turn away. 


Others in that thread questioned whether I would have the gumption to follow through on my walking (and staying) away. I knew it was going to be easy for a few weeks (high dudgeon and pride and all), and only time will tell if this self-banishment will become tiresome. Already I feel the urge to grip the pasteboards and exercise my brain and play f2f, and I admit that, as the months wear on, at some time I will probably, inexorably, come to the conclusion (or surrender) of 'my point has been made' and compete at bridge again. I might be a little ashamed of myself when/if that happens. 


I just don't know how else to make the statement that the current situation is, to my eye, intolerable and I'm quite irked the situation came to pass.

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