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My Midnight Thoughts

It’s midnight as I type this. I have school tomorrow.


Why am I writing this article? I don’t know. I guess it’s because I just feel expressive and I want to let my thoughts and feelings be known.

My family has a computer that if not used but not powered off, it would start a slideshow, displaying the conglomeration of photos that we had stored up.


I just finished showering. And Xu’s third law of life states, the warmth of a shower and the calm, serene setting of midnight evoke desires to self-reflect.

Settling into the chair in front of the family computer, I began to scroll through the pictures. I saw pictures of myself at a summer camp, pictures of family travels, pictures of big events, pictures of random things, pictures of my dad when he was a college kid, and of course, pictures of me when I was playing at a bridge event.


And whenever I saw pictures that were bridge related, such as a picture of me at Toronto, or a picture of me eating with my teammates at the World Youth Team Championships, my heart raced, passion burned; I felt a sense of joy, excitement, and camaraderie. I felt alive and a sense of purpose.


I want to acknowledge to you that I cannot deny how much I love bridge. I cannot deny the fact that I had dreamt 3 times of the YNABC. I cannot abandon and forget my emotions; when I think of the YNABC, my legs get shaky and my heart beats faster as if I just saw my crush. I cannot dismiss the love I have for my fellow bridge peers, a love forged through our mutual love for bridge, as fake. And even though I don’t know you readers personally, I want to hug and crush you into a different dimension, a dimension where there is no other worries, where we can just enjoy the mystical wonders of bridge for eternity.

I love bridge. I want to eat, sleep, breath bridge. I love the bridge community. The bridge community is the only community that I identify with. I want to be at Las Vegas. I want to stand there holding my score sheet, being surrounded by other people with their score sheet and post-morteming excitedly about interesting hands.

Ok, time to sleep.

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