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My NABC robot-game :)

I'll just give a general reflection, for anyone interested.... :)

Both Richard Lawson's play-records posted here, and especially Jim Munday's spectacular success in the "pre events" give the impression you NEED to bid in a highly "irregular style" to do well in the robot games.

Just to say, I'm not convinced... or, possibly, I am not smart enough to benefit from such "exploits" :)

After going through parts of Jim Munday's play-records, I just tested it in a few ordinary robot-tourneys what would happen if I tried to somehow "duplicate his style".

However, didn't work out at all well for me -- I got considerably worse scores than normally, and I soon decided just to stay with my normal game:

Bid carefully, avoid errors, and play the cards as best as you can. (I have a few recurring minor "tricks" that seem to work well, but nothing like Jim's "wild" bidding)

In this NABC event -- yes, miraculously, I admit :) -- after first session, Day-1, in spite of, I think, at least two obvious errors that costed points, I actually ended up in the #1 spot of 2600+ participants.

Myself, I attribute it mainly to the fact, that I was lucky to have very few actual HARD decisions in that session. So it just boiled down to play the tight game, and trying my best to avoid stupid errors.

The following 3 sessions, unfortunately, did not go quite that well, but still somewhat decent scores.

My points lost there, though, were still just that:

1. Too many errors.

2. Harder, kind of borderline, bidding-decisions that failed.

In the second category, it was mainly failures of whether to go to game or not. I also missed at least 2 good slams that many bid -- with robots, as I wrote, I just feel slambidding is a hopeless undertaking -- it too often feels like russian roulette or something when you finally get to see the dummy :)

But otherwise, I think this game pretty much comes down to just the usual stuff:

1. Avoid errors!

2. Be successful in your judgements!

3. Stay positive and focused in spite of disappointments!


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