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My NABC Robot Individual Journey - Day 3 (overall result only)

My apologies.

Right after Day 3 of the tournament, my days and nights got hectic.  I put off writing about my Day 3 results until I had a block of time to devote to it.  As it happens, that didn't happen until over a week later.

As it turns out, unbeknownst to me, you have a limited window in which you can review the hand records for any online tournament.  Beyond more than seven days, they simply vanish from BBO.

My efforts to recover the individual hand records have been in vain.  They simply aren't there.  Dangit.  Next time I'll know to grab the handviewer info immediately so I can at least have a record of each hand and how I played it.

So, in summary, I ended up with a 55.29% game in the last day.  I definitely made more mistakes than I wanted.  One hand in particular stands out:  The robot led a spade against 3NT, and I *knew* the robot hates to underlead honors.  If I had followed that through to the logical conclusion, I would have dropped Qx of spades offside and made 3NT.  Instead I went down two.  That was a top-to-bottom moment that still sticks with me.

Overall that put me at 59.21%.  I dropped to 144th overall after having started Day 1 in 14th place.  Dangit.

Sorry I couldn't produce the huge analysis I usually do.  Next time I'll do better, I promise.

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