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My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta

First KO played against Garozzo, hope I improve to be half as good when I am his age.

Second day of LM pairs followed a pair that was so hopelessly slow that we were up to 10 minutes late starting rounds even after the break rounds.

Made official complaint about this, from then on there was a note about slow play in every bulletin and I was witness to a Director giving a slow play penalty after round 3 on second day of  Wernher.

 Roth Swiss, made a natural call, which opponents thought was 2 way new minor or XYZ,  We play 1 1 1NT 2 AS NATURALThey looked at 1, called director after auction,asked director if there 2 forced 2  and did not like the fact that that I called the director after their partner lead a singleton  that had been bid naturally at the 1 level and they had repeatedly asked about. I did not deserve redress for my one down, but the Director made it clear to them that asking about bids in this fashion was plain wrong.

Well Done Directing Staff.

Host hotel was great but rooms were designed by someone who does not wear socks or underwear, drawers are very useful things.

 Everything that happens by any player after day 7 of the nationals is out of shere exhaustion.

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