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NABC Locations, Past and Future

I was messing around with the Google Map Engine today, and since it's so easy to import data from a variety of sources, I made this little map that I thought some of you might find interesting for discussion.

Red pins are locations of past NABCs, and blue ones are future. In cases where an NABC has been in a city more than once, I manually spread out the pins a little so they wouldn't obscure each other completely, so that's why there are little clumps of them in various weird places (like in the Reno desert :))

I'd definitely recommend zooming in to the map to see how many times the NABC has been in any one location. In case you've lived in a cave for the last 10 years, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom the map, and click+drag to pan around.

If you click on a pin, it will tell you the year that the NABC was there.

Also, since embedding the map makes it pretty small, and seems to be a little flaky,you can get a full-screen interactive version of it here. Definitely click on that link if you see a blank rectangle below, although I've found that refreshing the page helps with that too.

There's a whole section of the northern midwest that has never seen an NABC, presumably because it's less populous? I'd sure love to go to Cheyenne sometime, or maybe we could someday have an NABCat Glacier National Park? How about Regina, SK? Anchorage? Whitehorse? Fredericton? Tijuana? Cabo San Lucas anyone?

I assume there were NABCs before 1996; anyone know where I can get those locations from?

Edit: A.J. Stephani pointed me to the full list of location information; older NABCs can be seen by clicking on the checkbox next to "Older NABCs". I've left them hidden by default because there are a lot of them. Also I wasn't able to import thefull list because of some technical limitations of the map engine; I've complained to the maps team about it already.

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