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NABC stats for Fisher/Schwartz

Out of curiosity, I looked up on the ACBL web site, to see when Fisher/Schwartz began playing in NABC's, and what their results were in NABC team games. 

 (KO results for screen matches only)


First played in Atlanta, Summer 2013, on the Richard Schwartz team.


R16 defeated Fleisher (Kamil, Martel, Zia, Rosenberg, Willenken)

R8 defeated Lynch (Passell, Zmudzinski, Balicki, Bramley, Stansby)

R4 lost to Grue (Amoils, Morgan, Moss, Bessis, Bertheau)


Phoenix, Fall 2013.

6th place in Mitchell BAM

Did not qualify for Reisinger BAM final


Dallas, Spring 2014.


R16 lost to Nickell (Katz, Meckwell, Levin, Weinstein)

5th place in Jacoby Swiss


Las Vegas, Summer 2014.


R16 defeated Harris (Morgan, Wildavsky, Doub)

R8  defeated Meltzer  (Mohan, Smith, Garner, Boyd, Robinson)

R4  defeated Team Assael (Sementa, Tokay, Smirnov, Piekarek)

R2  defeated Monaco (Zimmerman, Multon, Fantunes, Helgemo, Helness)


Providence, Fall 2014.

3rd place Mitchell BAM

1st place Reisinger BAM


New Orleans, Spring 2015.


(lost before screens, in R32 to Goldberg (Eisenberg, Schermer, Chambers, DiFranco, Manno)

1st place Jacoby Swiss.


Chicago, Summer 2015.  (Now on the Cayne team)


R16 defeated Team Wolff (Bercuson, Rubin, Weichsel, Jaggy, Jagniewski, Gawel)

R8  defeated Schwartz (Graves, Brogeland, Lindqvist, Bertens, Korbel)

R4  defeated Lavazza (Duboin, Zia, Bocchi, Madala, Bianchedi, DiFranco)

R2  defeated Monaco (Zimmerman, Multon, Fantunes, Helgemo, Helness)

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