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The recent thread on Hawaii go me thinking about NABCs in general. There are a lot of tournaments. The explosion of regionals so many years ago have put a strain on attendance at all levels. Clubs, our lifeline, are struggling in most markets. Every regional and NABC further impacts the bottom line of local clubs and sectionals.

Do we need three NABCs every year? Should we consider having one a year? We could for example rotate the current schedule of NABCs with one every third year. Would players be more likely to attend NABCs if they were more scarce?

From all appearances the League is facing a crisis. Perhaps the abyss won't be this year or next but what will the League look like in ten years?

What, if any, changes would you recommend for NABCs?

Keep the current schedule of three NABCs annually
Reduce to two a year.
Reduce to one a year.
Don't care.
Other, please elaborate.

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