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Need help on this simple sequence

IMPs. Dlr S. E-W Vul.

You are South. You hold:

Q-10-7-4 2 K-Q-10-6-2 K-6-2

The opponents play basic 2/1 with a 15-17 NT. You play natural over 1NT.

So do you. (An opening 2 would be weak).

South - West - North - East

Pass  - (1NT) -  Pass -  (2)

2   -  (2)  -   3  -  (4)


The question isn't "what do you bid?" (Otherwise this is a bidding poll).

The question is "do you have to bid?". Facing a passed hand, does partner's 3 (opposite your passed hand status!) oblige/suggest you to sacrifice over 4? Note the colors, form-of-scoring!

If so, then you should offer 4 on the way. If not, then you probably should be passing. Is partner captain of this auction?

Comment below if you will bid on in any case.

3 commits us to a sacrifice
3 does not (how could it!) but suggests a sacrifice
3 = 3. Partner is captain (you've said your piece)
Other. Explain

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