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Negative and Responsive Doubles Thru 7 SPADES ?

Larry Cohen suggests having Negative and Responsive Doubles Thru 7 SPADES (or INFINITY)on his LC Standard CC, and on his articles on DOUBLES.

Far from me to debate LC, my favorite writer/teacher/player, but I would be very reluctant to put down on my CC Neg & Resp Dbls thru 7 when playing with Simon Simple or pretty well any other partner (except Larry himself if I ever get a chnace to play with him), nor would I recommend it to my intermediate students.

The Suggested Starting Points Bridge Winners CC in a way agrees with me when it sets it at 4 . What happened to the saying "the 5 level belongs to the opponents "?
IMHO it is more helpful to partner to know that if I DBL preemptive jumps to say 4 (or 5 or 6)I have a defensive type hand (not necessarily with a fitful of trumps) w/o a fit for him: if he happens to have a good distributional hand, he can pull it to another suit knowing that we are likely to have a fit somewhere else, or if he instead has some trumps a no other suit he can leave it in. If I have a good distributional hand and want to compete over the dreaded 4 I feel I need to start showing my stuff ASAP and not ask partner to make a decision over a nebulous DBL.
Does anyone have a feel as to how many times the DBL of 4, 5, 6, 7 gets really used as Neg/Resp and is not left in ?


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