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“Never preempt over a preempt”...what’s the intuition? (If you agree)

As a new player, I have often heard: "Never preempt over a preempt".

I get what this means, so I am not asking about that.  At least, what I think it means is that if you have a hand that is suitable for an opening preempt but one of your opponents beats you to making an opening preempt (almost always in a different suit, just by basic logic), then don't make an overcall over this preempt, as your hand is not suitable for one.

What I want to understand, however, is what the intuition is behind this (seeming) Bridge axiom.

To be clear, I am NOT saying that it is incorrect.  I am simply trying to understand the logic, for the sake of learning.  I was initially going to post this in the Intermediate Forum but then realized that I have asked this question of seemingly advanced players and not gotten a clear answer.  So I will leave this in the main section and if admins want to have it moved, then I respect that :).

To verify  with this axiom, by the way, I have also included a poll on whether BW users agree with this, but that is secondary to my aim, which is to have BW users kindly help me with an explanation here.

An immediate one that comes to mind is: "How does your partner know whether you have a sound overcall vs. just a preemptive hand?" but maybe there is more to it than that.

But yes, also feel free to vote in the poll, please.

“Never preempt over a preempt” is an always-true axiom
“Never preempt over a preempt” is mostly true, but there are exceptions
“Never preempt over a preempt” is mostly false, but there are exceptions
“Never preempt over a preempt” is never true, it is just plain incorrect
“Never preempt over a preempt” is really a matter of partnership agreements
None of the other answers listed really sum up how I view the “Never preempt over a preempt” saying.

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