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New ACBL GCC and Mid-Chart problem

The ACBL has finally published the revised Convention Chart ( for 2014.

Often these charts are criticised for being ambiguous and open to interpretation, a case of 'what I mean' and not 'what I've written'. This is no longer the case with an opening 2 bid as it is now permitted to open 2 with a weak two spades and four-card minor at GCC. An improvement to my mind that will not inconvenience the playing public.

However woe betide anyone who opens 2 with five spades (acceptable as a weak two) and happens to have a FIVE-card minor because this is explicitly a Mid-Chart convention. 

Naturally you may now open 2 with a weak two hearts and a four-card minor at GCC. But opening 2 with five hearts and a FIVE-card minor is not mentioned anywhere. Presumably the directing staff will have to decide whether this is (a) permitted at all, (b) a deviation from the GCC-permitted weak two hearts and a four-card minor, or (c) a deviation from the Mid-Chart five hearts and ANY five-card suit. It is hard to see any alternative except the last option, but fortunately the Defense Database still has an approved defense for this unapproved method!

I presume, perhaps naively, that the original requester intended to ask that an opening two of a major showing a weak two (5+ major) with 4+ minor should be GCC but this got lost in drafting. The regulations, at least for the 2 opening bid, are now explicitly clear and not subject to any 'common sense' interpretation. It will be interesting if someone argues that treating five small diamonds as a 4-card suit means that their opening is GCC!

I did raise this issue with the ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee more than four weeks ago, but have yet to receive any response (or even acknowledgement). 

BTW, is it so hard to get a proof-reader in the ACBL to fix the formatting errors?

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