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New Alert Procedure Idea

Given the many recent discussions about proper alert procedures and the need to re-examine the system I wanted to pitch an idea and get some feedback from the BW community.

My concept is to move to a system based entirely on delayed alerts. During the auction there are no alerts or announcements; however, you are still able to look at your opponents' convention card or ask about bids when it is your turn. After the auction is over the declaring side must comment on their bids, either by explaining the auction or simply saying something like, "Everything is natural." Then when the opening lead is made the defenders do the same. Under these rules having completed convention cards would be even more important, so perhaps the ACBL would need emphasize this point by issuing stiffer penalties for pairs that do not have them.


Players do not need to remember what bids are alertable or announced. Under the current system vague requirements lead to issues like the Spingold appeal. Most players were surprised to hear that forcing passes were alertable, and even now there still seems to be some confusion. Those issues completely go away.

Avoids issues where alerts are forgotten, which require directors to decide if damage is done and figure out likely alternative auctions and results.

Instills better full disclosure behavior because both sides are required to comment on their bidding on every auction.


Would likely create more UI issues than usual during the auction because the frequency of asking about bids would increase. This is why it is important for each side to have a good CC filled out. 

Puts more pressure on players during the auction because they could get burned if they assume certain meanings. However, much like the previous point these issues already currently exist. Players, especially in team game formats, should make a habit of glancing at the opponents' CC to check for common artificial calls.

Could slow down pairs or novice games, especially during an initial transition period. 





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