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NEW North American Bridge Federation

Well commenting on another  thread Jan M. shared the following information with us.

This year, the USBF, CBF & MBF formed the North American Bridge Federation, which will become the ZA for Zone 2 in 2019. The NABF will be governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the ACBL, CBF, MBF & USBF: 1 Director appointed by MBF, 2 Directors each appointed by ACBL & CBF, and 4 Directors appointed by USBF.

In accordance with current WBF procedure, the NABF will elect all 5 Zone 2 representatives to the WBF Executive Council for 4 year terms commencing in 2019. Those representatives will be selected from people nominated by the ACBL, the CBF, the MBF and the USBF, with 1 representative selected from each of the ACBL, CBF & MBF nominees and 2 representatives selected from USBF nominees.

In Toronto, the ACBL committed to paying part of the WBF dues - $94,200 in 2019; $72,150 in 2020; and $50,100 in 2021 and future years. The remaining dues are the responsibility of USBF, CBF & MBF in proportion to their share of ACBL members (about 86% USBF, 14% CBF, and a little bit MBF). In Toronto, the ACBL Board agreed to have management help the NBOs raise that money. That was the reason for this year's REACH. I do not know what will happen going forward.

Now all of above was copied from Jan M. comment {and yes i asked if i could use in my article} below some veiws l have which may be off the wall but would like to hear yours.

This is good for ACBL to get away from highest level of bridge and let those involved take over. People who get involved will be concerned about WBF and championships not how my club is doing or your local sectional. 

Professional players mainly play at this level so hopeful some will dedicate the time to volunteer to be on the committees. This may also be an avenue to put pressure on WBF /ACBL about  readmitting cheaters to the game. 

The USBF CBF and MBF will need to get creative to fund this organization as ACBL drop yearly. Again i think a wise move by ACBL as this will allow more funds to be used elsewhere.

The ACBL BOD presently picks the representatives to WBF but under new system this will be done by NABF board  again l think a wise move by ACBL

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