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New, simple, more accurate rating system.

We all know that total masterpoints is not a truly accurate measure of skill or accomplishment.  Many of us would like a better system, but how to do it, without starting fresh?  Also, simple might be better.  

I've only experimented with my idea with a few people,.. but so far so good.

(some of the initial experiment include local with 500 mps, local with 10k masterpoints, and top players like Jlall and Brad Moss.  So far, to me at least, the resulting # has been fairly accurate IMO)


Here's the formula.  Look up your Blue Ribbon Q's on the ACBL website.  

Then,  #BRQ squared, divided by masterpoints.

Me = (88*88)/4611  = 1.7


It's a boring Sunday, humor me... tell me your # ?



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