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No Drury in 4th seat?

I have played Drury with nearly all of my partners for 22+ years and have been teaching it for some 13 years.  One of the players/students at my club insists that Drury should only be played in 3rd seat and not in 4th.  When I asked him for the reasoning, his response was, "Mike Lawrence says so."  Thus, he refuses to play it in 4th seat and demands that all of his partners play it exactly as he does.

I have never read nor heard any valid reason why Drury should not apply to a 4th seat opening, nor can I think of one.  I contend that if you would ever open light in a major suit, Drury should apply, regardless of whether that is in 3rd seat or 4th.

What am I missing?  Can anyone shed some light on this topic?

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