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No Penalty After A Revoke ?

The defense revokes on trick 9.

After trick 13, declarer notes a revoke and calls the director.

Facts agreed to:

  • following the revoke, declarer won two tricks
  • following the revoke, defense won two tricks
  • declarer won the revoke trick
  • the final result as played would have been the same without the revoke
  • the director decides there is no penalty

p.s. LaughingAnswer 3 is included as a semi-jest, because I believe that answer 2, invites unscrupulous players to revoke when they can gain if nobody notices and not lose if someone does notice.

Declarer should be awarded one extra trick
The result as played should stand (i.e. no penalty)
Players should be allowed to "game" the system by intentionally revoking and hoping nobody notices.

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