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“No True Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”

I do NOT consider myself an expert of this game or anywhere close.  However, I would like to know what conventions and/or treatments are out there that you'd be hard-pressed in 2020 to find a single expert pair (expert-client pairs do not count, as Bridge pros will often adjust to the preferences of their clients, from what I understand) playing but that are, at the same time, far from uncommon to find being played by club players or even by pairs competing in point-limited events at ACBL tournaments.

From doing some poking around on old threads, it would seem like some examples might be:

-"Stolen bid doubles" when opps overcall our 1NT openings instead of a system like Lebensohl (one exception, perhaps, is that a double of 2 is Stayman, as this seems more sensible)

-All two-level bids over any 1NT opening as natural, regardless of the NT range being played by opps 

-Step responses (to show various HCP ranges, not number of controls held) to strong 2 openings 

-That 4 after a 3NT bid is Gerber asking for Aces

-Montreal Relays

-Requiring that a 1M bid in the sequence 1-(1)-1M show five or more cards in that major (and thus cannot be made with only four)

-Related to above, that X in the sequence 1-(1)-X can be made with just one four-card major, rather than four or more cards in BOTH majors 

-"Plain Blackwood" in cases where the partnership has clearly agreed on a trump suit (put differently, never using RKCB under any circumstances)

-An immediate 4M response to a 1M opening (promising up to 21 or so HCP, not a limited-to-15 HCP opening) to show 3-card support and an opening hand

-Playing any sort of Standard American system in which a non-jump bid of a new suit at the two level absent any competing overcalls is not game-forcing (or at least forcing to 3NT or higher)

What are some others?

Thanks in advance!

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