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Normal tempo?

In a tournament I directed a couple of days ago, I was asked for a ruling in a potential UI situation. The bidding in the first round went as follows:

p - p - 4 - 5

The Stop card was used with the 4 opening, and the 5 bidder took about 10 seconds as required. Dealer now passed again, but there was a tempo issue with his call. Two questions:

1) What do you consider normal tempo here, i.e. how long can dealer take for his pass before you would rule there was a BIT?

2) What do you think a BIT suggests, i.e. which subsequent calls by opener would you declare illegal (following Law 16B)?

Thanks for your opinions. Perhaps I will post the hand in a couple of days.

PS: As you can guess, opener did not pass. No need to stress that pass must be a LA for him - this is not the issue.

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