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Not all IMPs are equal

This is a request for thoughts on different strategies between Swiss events and KO events.

One often hears or reads about how a player would take one (bidding or play) action at IMPs and a different action at mps. Those announcements bother me, because they imply that all IMPs actions are similar.

And yet the objectives of Swiss IMPs and KO IMPs are quite distinct: in a Swiss you want to average at least 70% of the total available VPs in order to challenge for winning the event; in a KO you want just to win, even a small win will suffice. Taking actions that are likely to produce significant pluses but have a real opportunity to produce a huge minus (doubling a partial, perhaps) might be more justified at Swiss IMP scoring than at KO IMP scoring, for example.

Leaving aside other considerations that affect match strategies, such as the quality of the opponent relative to your team and the state of the match, how do specific strategies for Swiss IMPs differ from strategies for KO IMPs?

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