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NY Times to Terminate Bridge Column

Robert Hartman emailed ACBL members todayannouncing that the New York Times will cancel its distinguished bridge column after 80 years of existence. Removing bridge from one of the largest and most influential newspapers in the country is quite a detriment to the future of the game we love. Here is the ACBL letter in its entirety, along with contact information if you wish to encourage The New York Times to reconsider:

We're saddened to announce that after 80 years in print, the New York Times decided to cancel its regular bridge column. Throughout the years the bridge column has served to enhance players' game knowledge while also introducing bridge to a much wider audience. Written by Phillip Alder for the last decade, not only was the column enjoyed by bridge players local to New York, but by tens of thousands more across the country and around the world.

If you read and enjoy the New York Times bridge column, we implore you to write an email or make a phone call expressing your disappointment with its removal. Bridge columns have appeared in newspapers around the world for decades. Let's show the New York Times their readers still find value in intellectually challenging columns.

To make your thoughts heard, please call or email the Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, atpublic@nytimes.comor(212) 556-7652. Ms. Sullivan acts as the independent voice of the Times and has the power to express our community's outrage about the removal of the bridge column. Letters to the Editor are also welcomed and can be sent These should be between 150-175 words for the best chance of placement.

As always, your dedication to bridge and its exposure is greatly appreciated.


Robert Hartman, CEO

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