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Obviously Ridiculous Comments

It has become popular at Bridgewinners to post „Obviously Ridiculous Comments“ in serious articles. The usual pattern being „a slow call is this and a fast call is that“. A nice joke the first time, maybe even second an third, but now? As I have commented on several occasions it‘s simply boring and -at least in a way - off-topic.

There is one more point, I‘d like to make: some readers might not see that the comment is „Obviously Ridiculous“ and act accordingly ATT

Just recently playing in a friendly game against to experienced ladies who mainly play club games advantage was taken from a clear BIT. I told them that I would have called the TD at a serious tournament. One of them asked why and I explained. She thanked me for that. Wouldn’t it be possible that she thinks I am exaggerating after reading one of those „Obviously Ridiculous Comments“?

Quite a while ago I had the same situations at two consecutive club tournaments by the same person. At both occasions I didn’t call the TD who would be overstrained with the situation anyway. Our opps however play regularly in regional tournaments, so in both cases I remarked upon it. The second time, the offending lady furiously stalked away from the table, while her partner explained that taking advantage of a BIT is perfectly okay, because „the weaker players do it all the time“. Again they will be confirmed in their behavior after reading one of those „Obviously Ridiculous Comments“.

Your valued opinion please. There is no other, but feel free to abstain and comment.

Set up your own forum as MC advices
Humor belongs to Bridgewinners even if the same joke is repeated over and over
Humor belongs to Bridgewinners, don‘t be so touchy
Humor belongs to Bridgewinners, but I agree with your objections
Humor belongs to Bridgewinners, but continue objecting if that‘s how you feel
I fully agree, let‘s stop this kind of „Obviously Ridiculous Comments“
Stop commenting on the „Obviously Ridiculous Comments“, you won‘t convince the jokers anyway

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