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Odd-Even and Encrypted Signals

The topic "World Class Players Signal Attitude" got me thinking about something I read recently. It might have been in "Under the Table," which I've been reading a few pages at a time before going to sleep.

Mike Lawrence was talking about having played with Georgio Belladonna around the time of the challenge matches between the Aces and the Blue Team. They were playing odd-even signals, at least on opening lead. (The principle of odd-even signals is exactly the same as odd-even discards: odd encourages and even is suit-preference.) Mike was dealt a hand with all the wrong cards and couldn't make an appropriate signal.

If I remember correctly, the ACBL banned odd-even signals and encrypted signals eons ago. I've always wondered, however, whether or not the same bans exist in the rest of the world. I've also wondered whether or not an unethical partnership, to use the inoffensive terminology, might use either of them surreptitiously, and if so, whether or not it would be detected by other players.

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