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Once accused for cheating then I got cheated

Roy Welland wrote here on bridgewinner that me and Magnus Lindkvist was under investigation around 2000.

Both my 2 long time partners Magnus and Björn Fallenius is 2 of the most ethical players around, Magnus and Björn were also a long time partnership before me and Magnus started to play. Obviously some american pros thought we were cheating. I remember in a regional Michael Seamon was standing up screaming that now it was proven that we were cheating! The hand he complained about was a hand he declared 3NT. I didnt made the for him normal lead. I lead something else. As it turned up my lead gave away the contract!!! If I made the "normal" lead it was 1 down. Magnus could have shift to my suit in trick 2 to defeat it, but he continued the suit I led. Now mr Seamon could have made it but he miss played the hand and went down anyway. Good evidence if we were cheating right? They did apologize though later. We played Passel-Seamon.

I guess me and Magnus was just to strong for the american pros to handle. We came to some regionals and beat them. Very bad thing to do.

In Lille 1998 we played the final of the world pairs where we ended up with a bronze medal.

We played against Martel-Stansby.

I was fairly new to international bridge so when we where sitting E/W I was passing the trey. Martel didnt complained when I did that a couple of times during the first board and not when we played the 2nd hand as well.

2nd board Non vul I opened 1C showing 11-13bal or any 17+ hand. I passed the trey again and Magnus bid 1D showing 0-7 any. Martel overcalled 1N with 14hcp and 5card Diamonds. I held 4423 and a 19hcp. After X Magnus held Kxxx,xxx,Kxx,Jxx. He passed 1N and also Martels 2D after that I made a bal T/O double. Good judgement of Magnus. We got +500 and a top. With that result we would have won the world championship. Martel called the director after the hand and told him that I have bin passing the trey. He said that we must have some signals!!!!!!!!

The director changed the score so that we got an average score + half a board penalty for passing the trey!!!!

If we were cheating then they should have thrown us out of the tournament and not changing the score.

If we would have accepted that ruling we would have ended up with a silver medal.

We appealed of course and Mr Wolf was the chairman. His first words to Magnus was " do you want to get banned for life for cheating"!!

Magnus got chocked so he didnt know what to answer that question.

They changed the score again!!!!

We kept our average score but got a full board penalty for passing the tray!!!

Thank you very much Chip Martel.

It was good I didnt meet in a bar that evening!

Since thoose incidents I have bin robbed a numerous times from the cheating pairs. Many other players as well of course. Life is not fair but I still and will always love playing bridge.

Peter Fredin

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