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Once Again, Regrettfully, The "New ACBL Charts"

Edit: To be clear, I welcome the "new charts."  By "Regrettfully" I mean the unfortunate need to keep banging away at them in order to understand them in exquiste detail.


One of the items on the “new charts” that is still not totally clear to some are the events that are designated permissible for the multi 2D (in whatever variation).

Clearly, its use is for Open+ only (at least for now). Clearly, it applies to the top bracket of any regionally rated knockout event (and perhaps more within that specific event). Additionally, it is permitted in IMP segments of six boards or more in any regional or national event. I’m not clear if this applies only to A or Ax flight Swiss events.

What has not been totally clear is the multi’s use in regional pair events. At one point in Bridge Winner discussions, I inferred that Open+ did not apply to two session open pair events.

(I'm not aware of any any 3+ pair events at any regional.)

(Edit: I now see from comments below that 3+ pair sessions in a regional are not totally uncommon but that's not the issue here.)

However, I see the following from the C&CC Chair on page 23 in the November 2018 ACBL Bulletin, which reads:

“The Open+ Chart will be the chart governing open events of two or more sessions at regionals and NABCs.”

I hope to be enlightened.


Below are three links regarding the new charts which may be of further reference value to some. listing of references from the a search index on Bridge Winners.)

http://tournament-specific-regulations/conditions-of-contest/ (From ACBL website. The “new charts” for the Fall 2018 NABC relate to the events. It is my belief that the balance of the charts will soon be updated by Keith Wells, ACBL employee in Horn Lake.) in October 2018 by Bud H.)

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