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One board - two decks

Playing in a 38 table Swiss Teams using pre-dealt boards, I picked up my third hand of the tournament and, on inspection, I noted that the King of Hearts was odd. The color did not match the rest of the hand and the font style was different.

I inspected the back of the cards and sure enough, the pattern was slightly different. As with my other 12 cards, the pattern on the back was made up of a whole mess of thin grey lines woven about each other but the actual pattern was slightly different.

I called the TD and, after verifying that my hand met the published hand record, he told me not to worry and just to carry on.

As the hand was played, and cards were placed face down as tricks were quitted, I noted that my LHO also had a mismatched card.

Throughout the course of the event I spotted a few other such instances in 112 boards over 2 days.

Is this normal? Is it acceptable?

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