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Open Source Bridge Code - Unique Number For Every Hand

As promised, I have created some Open Source bridge code.


Nothing fancy, given a hand, generate a unique number for the hand using Richard Pavlicek's algorithm (with permission). Goes the other way as well.

There are some obvious things to add to this, and some not-so-obvious. If you are using a RNG to generate bridge hands then given a sufficiently large RN you can map that number using this code and generate a bridge hand. If you want to share bridge hands, then this number is sufficient to describe the hand.

My purpose in writing this code, and publishing it, was to start more Open Source bridge code.

The next step is to find programmers to write a Swiss Teams algorithm (for Teams and Pairs). I am in the process of writing up the requirements; I already have a couple of people interested in writing the code.  More details later.

No comments needed. If you are interested in working on some Open Source bridge code, let me know, and I will keep you informed.


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