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Open USBC Trials Discussion Thread

The winner of the 2014 USBCTrials will have the honor of representing the USin the 2015 Bermuda Bowl as team USA1. The USBC starts on May 9th and will run through Sunday May 18th. 16 teams have entered, with three teams receiving byes until the Knockout phase. The first two days will be a Round Robin among the 13 teams without byes. Team GORDON will join the Round of 16 on May 11, with each team competing in 120-board head-to-head Knockout matches. Top seed NICKELL and second seed FLEISHERreceived byes until the Round of 8. The two-day final will take place onSaturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18.

BBO will be broadcasting matches live starting with the Round of 16 on May 11th, at 10 AM Pacific Time. An updated list of teamsalong with the up-to-date results from the round robin can be found on the USBF site. We will post results from the Knockout phase on Bridge Winners as they become available.

A couple of our users have asked for an open discussion thread to discuss general topics regarding the 2014 Trials. Feel free to put your comments about anything related to the events occurring in Phoenixin this thread, such as tips for hotels and restaurants,a great hand, or who you think will win. Please remember to keep things civil and polite; many of the players in the tournament will be reading this.

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