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Entries for the Open USBC close on Monday, April 6th. Additional entries will be accepted after that date ONLY if they do not change the event format or cause there to be a "bad" number of teams in the Round Robin. That means that if 16 or fewer teams enter by April 6th, additional entries will be accepted until there are exactly 16 teams. If 17 or more teams enter, additional entries will be accepted if they make the Round Robin field 16 or 18 teams (19 or 21 total teams in the event).

Entries for the Women's USBC close on Saturday, March 28th. Additional entries will be accepted ONLY if they improve the format of the event, which most likely means that if there are an odd number of teams entered, one addtional team will be accepted.

For more information about both events, go to and click on 2015 Open or Women's USBC on the USBF Tournaments menu. When you click on either of those, a bunch of sub-menus will open where you can find additional information.

To enter either event, you must be a member of USBF who has paid dues for 2015. You must log in to the usbf website, at which time a "User Menu" will appear at the top of the left-hand column. Click on "enter Open USBC" to enter the Open or on "enter Women's USBC" to enter the Women's. You can also enter the Senior USBC - entries for that close on Monday, May 11th.

Any questions, email Jan and she will try to answer them.

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