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Open & Women's USBC Entries Remain Open Until April 10th

At midnight on Monday, April 3rd, there were 15 teams entered in the Open USBC and 7 teams entered in the Women's USBC. The Conditions of Contest for both events provide that entries remain open until April 10th or when one additional team has entered the Women's or 3 additional teams have entered the Open.

For a summary of the formats of the two events based on the number of teams currently entered, see the USBF website. For other information about either event, click on 2017 Open USBC or 2017 Women's USBC. To enter, log into the USBF website (you must be a USBF member and have paid 2017 dues to enter either event) and click on "Enter 2017 Open USBC" or "Enter 2017 Women's USBC."

These are really great events, and we hope that a few more teams will enter. In the Open, all teams are guaranteed at least 4 days of play, and the teams that finish in the top 10 in the Round Robin will play for at least 6 days.

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