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Opening 10 HCP 6m331 hands playing Matchpoints

Which of these hands would you open in First Seat at 1 level playing Matchpoints in a Club game? You play Std 2/1 with lot of gadgets 

Hand 1 is NV v/s V and Hand 2 is V v/s NV. On hand 1 your opponents are One Weak Client (LHO) and One Semi-Professional (RHO) On hand 2 your opponents are both Weak

You play 2 Opening as Weak and your pre-emptive openings by agreement are generally sound

Please comment if your answer changes with Vulnerability or if the knowledge of opponents affected your choice

Please select up to 2 choices.

K87, 8, AQJT62, 732
8, KT9, 752, AQJ876
Neither But will open hand 1 2
Neither and will pass hand 1 and 2
Neither but will open hand 1 2 and hand 2 3

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