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Opening 1 with 5-5 majors, playing Precision

When playing limited 5-card majors, for instance Precision, could there be a case for opening 1 when having five cards in both majors? The plan is to rebid 2 over a negative NT, assuming that responder always raises with three card support for hearts. This allows you to play a 5-3 partscore in hearts, instead of a 5-2 partscore in spades had you opened 1, rebid 2 and have responder take preference with 2-card support which often is the case. It could also help you find some thin games, when responder knows about your shape.

A possibly useful follow-up for finding thin games after 1-1NT; 2 would be to use responder's 2NT rebid as asking for shortness. Now 3m could show shortness and min, while 3M shows shortness and max in the corresponding minor. Alternatively 3m could be singleton and 3M void.

The main downside I've thought of is when the opponents has bid 3 of a minor, or higher, and it goes back to you. Had you opened 1 you could rebid hearts, but now it may be awkward to rebid 3, having opened 1. Another downside is that 5-6 majors are harder to show.

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