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Opening 7NT

I was thinking back, the other day, whistfully, about my first passion in life, rubber bridge.  I started playing in clubs when I was fifteen years old (I am now sixty three) under the guidance of one Paul Gordon (husband of Fritzi) and really was unaware of such a thing as tournament  bridge for ten years after that. Due to the nature of the game ie.  simple systems, great players playing with palookas, palookas playing with palookas great players playing with great players against palookas etc and virtually every player having a sky high view of their own standing and many not having the wherewithall to settle at the end of a losing session, it was perforce a very exciting time.

There are many, many stories and incidents that I could recount but one sticks in my mind particularly, about a top player with an excitable temperament who sat down witrh a lovely, but erratic Asian doctor.  Things were not going well for the expert and after a series of minuses he doubled a partscore contract, I was destined to be declarer and redoubled to put me ahead in the,"King of the Table" stakes and anyway there is many a slip twixt cup and lip.   Dear doctor removed this to a super Moyse and crashed and burned (we were making or one off).  On the next hand our expert opened 7NT (thankfully NV).  I had a decent hand but did not feel like doubling, my partner felt differently and the penalty was huge.  We sat in silence for about ten seconds and then called the club owner over, who was also good friends with the expert.  Owner cancelled the hand and escorted his friend to the door, wished him adios for ever and came back and finished the rubber.


We felt that this was a good thing to do, do you?


Can you think of any incidents in bridge that you will never forget?

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