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"More points are lost at the bridge table through bad or pointless overcalls than any other way." This quote from maybe the greatest bridge player of all time  Helen Sobel.  She was inducted to the hall of fame in 1996, and she died 1n 1969.  I never understood why it took so long.  For me her comment is totally accurate and has not been diminished by the passage of years.  I think we are all guilty of forgetting the basics. The modern game gives ample opportunity for free kick overcalls because they rarely get booted, but even so it will often give declarer many clues.  I once agreed not to overcall in a club duplicate, the hardest part was deciding on what to lead--but we scored just over 64%.  My question to you guys is in two parts:


1. Do you agree with her?

2. What is the difference between a good overcall and a bad one?  

For reasons of brevity I think it best to ignore pre-emptive overcalls.  

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