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Part I - GNT Subsidies for Winning Teams

David Caprera's trending article raised several interesting points down thread.  One point not defined objectively was how much each District and Unit offers winning teams from District Finals to participate in the GNT at the Summer NABC.  For example District 11 offers $500 per team plus a conditional subsidy that matches the contribution from a player's home unit up to another $500 (There is no limit on what a Unit might offer winning players).  So if a Unit pays their team $500, the team receives an additional $1000 from the District for a total of $1500.  

There are two questions here - the range of the amount a team stands to receive, and whether the District, Unit or both contribute.  Ideally we'd be able to document this by District and Unit but that's beyond the scope of this site.  

So, For those in the ACBL who know, what is the range of remuneration GNT Finalists from your District can expect to receive for playing in the NABC Final?

(Part II - Who pays follows separately)

0 - $300
$301 - 800
$801 - 1300
$1301 - 1800
$1801 - 2300
$2301 or more
The remuneration depends on the number of players on the team

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