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Partial Disclosure

MP. Opponents are a long-established pair.

You deal and pass. The auction proceeds: p-(p)-p-(1); X-(1Na,b)-p-(2); p-(3)-p-(4)-AP.

a: after a pause  b: "forcing".

Several leads look possible. More information would help. Polite questions reveal that RHO has 6+ and LHO "probably" has 3.

This suggests to me that a trump lead should be pretty safe so I plunk down my singleton spade.

Dummy tables an 11-count containing Q9. She leans over to me and says, "why on earth would I bid 1NT with 3 spades?".

At this point I obtain a director and suggest that I should be entitled to the opponents' agreements, and that LHO should correct RHO's statement of the number of trumps that dummy is expected to have for this auction. The director doesn't agree with me, stating that "this isn't a conventional agreement" and "people are allowed to make mistakes", but checks with a senior director anyway. No luck there. I did not consult opps' convention cards (because it seemed impolite in view of the directors' decisions).

If I am wrong, it would be useful to know where to suggest the director look for guidance next time.

If I am right, I will go and make some more tea (not ruled out by the above, of course).

I was entitled to more information, but since this was trivial there are no penalties.
I was entitled to more information. Since this may have affected my choice of lead, there may be penalties.
I was not entitled to more information until dummy appears.
Other (please explain).

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