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Pass Out of Rotation

"LAW30 - PASS OUT OF ROTATION: When a player has passed out of rotation and the call is cancelled, the option in Law 29A not having been exercised, the following provisions apply (if the pass is artificial see C):

A. RHO’s Turn to Call: When a pass out of rotation is made at offender’s RHO’s turn to call, the offender must pass when next it is his turn to call and Law 72C may apply."

This Law seems to say that the player who passed out of rotation cannot make a comparable call if it was RHO turn to bid first. Say, RHO opened 1, offender cannot overcall 1, 1 or 1, even these bids would qualify as a  "subset of the possible meanings attributable to the withdrawn call" .

However, if the offending player had made a call (not a pass), then he could replace it with a comparable call.

Is my reading of this correct?

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