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Passed hand 2/1

A recent bidding problem  QJ9874  AK  Kxx  Ax  gathered a number of comments as well a number of different bids.  The bidding went

P      P    1     P

2  P     ?.

This poll and some recent less than positive experiences with passed hand 2/1's got me to thinking that there does not seem to be much any agreements in these situations.  Now, I normally do not play weak II in 's but do in the majors. So are there some good agreements out there when a passed hand makes a 2/1?  

Also, any good uses for 2NT?  Natural seems useless and Drury can handle all the good raise hands.

If u play fit showing jump shifts, what do they promise, not only in HCP but in length and strength in the bid suit and the major?

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