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Past instances of cheating

Kudos to our top players being the leaders in catching the people who had been cheating at our great game.  However, there have been past instances of cheating when the ACBL did not come down on the cheaters as hard as they could have.

While I have heard instances of other players not being punished, I have one from personal experience.  I was representing the University of Virginia in the collegiate championships in 1991.  Harvard was one of the other five teams.

One of the players from Harvard (I'm not going to mention him by name, but many people know who he is) was found to have cheated during the on-campus qualifier.  He did not have early knowledge of the hands; the cheating was during play.

I have asked people for years if they can think of how one person (not a pair, not a team) can cheat at bridge.  No one has come up with an answer.  Harvard was not disqualified; just the one player was replaced.  I still questions the ACBL's stance on being so soft on this episode.


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