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It is a 12 team round robin semifinals.  Screens in use.

I ( the TD ) find me a chair somewhere in the middle of the playing area, being sure I was not watching play at any of the 12 tables,  sit down and relax.  The round is half way through and all players seem to be happy.  Then I am of course happy to.

At my right hand side, I notice that playing has stopped.  All players decided that they would go out together for a cigarette.  No problem with that.

East is the last one to leave the table (just a few seconds), and i watch east take the north cards and take a quick look.  Then he follows his table mates.

I was really shocked to see this.  I checked the board number and after the match was over, I saw this was a flat board.

But now is the question.   What should the TD to in this case or similar cases?

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