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Penalized for not alerting a self-alerting bid by failure to alert a P/C

This hand came up in a Regional Swiss in Las Vegas. Both sides NV, my LHO was dealer. The bidding goes like this






1} Bailey, showing Spades and another suit. No alert. None required in ACBL. Clearly marked "(1m)-2m=+O/S" on System Card

2} No alert. Explained as "Diamond Support" in Post. During Post, Partner said "No, it doesn't"

3} Pass or Correct. Not alerted. I have something like 9642.

4} At this point, since my partner didn't compete in hearts, I reckon that she must have +

5} Well, then, I am not selling out in 3. I have just Ax and KQJx

6} My partner holds something like Axxx xxx - AKQJxx, so a raise to 4 seems right

7} Maybe some hesitation here

8} With xxxx and a 14-count, this double looks like money in the bank

Table Result 4XN= 590 to us.

OK. So, I roll off an easy 10 tricks, conceding only the three heart losers (or maybe it was two hearts and a diamond).

The guy who doubled thought that the 2 bid was Michaels and was indignant that he didn't beat the contract. He calls the director and after learning that the 2 was P/C and wasn't alerted stated that he would have worked out not to double, if it had been. He never saw the "(1m)-2m=+O/S" in the Cue Bid section of our System Card until I showed it to him in the Post.

Well, to reduce the indignity, the director (who is from California where Bailey is common), rolls the contract back to 4N= 420 to us. With no further assurance that P/C requires an alert than "I think so."

After the match, our teammates have defeated a 5 or 6 contract so we get a +10 and it would have only been a +11 with the double allowed to stand. We win the match by 1IMP instead of 2 and either amount gives us 11VP. So, I rationalize not appealing.

BTW my partner just made Regional Master earlier in the week in Vegas. I am just a bit over 2000.

My questions for the gang:

1) How are you ruling and why?

2) Would you have appealed and why or why not?

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