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Phil Rizzuto (1951 - 2016)

This morning I received the sad news that my friend, Phil Rizzuto, has passed away peacefully at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto with his family at his side. May he Rest in Peace.

He was a fun-loving presence in the Canadian bridge community for more than 30 years and never failed to bring good cheer to the game. Always the adventurer, Phil had a soft spot for the Gatlinburg and Las Vegas regional tournaments in particular. In fact with gentle arm twisting, he could be convinced to travel to almost any tournament within driving distance of Toronto. Truly a bridge aficionado.

I had been lucky enough to enjoy Phil’s friendship on several voyages travelling across the Atlantic as bridge cruise directors. At sea, his morning bridge lessons always attracted a full house. As the cruises progressed, the afternoon games aboard ship became so popular that tables were frequently overflowing from the elegant bridge rooms out into the hallways. Everyone was fond of Phil’s good nature and bridge humour.

On our last trans-Atlantic cruise to Germany via England and Belgium, Phil had persuaded me to take a side trip to a bridge club in Hamburg. Even though neither of us spoke a word of German, we had a great time at their afternoon game. Phil had everyone in stitches and I learned to count ...eins, zwei, drei.

The gift of Phil’s friendship has enriched my life immeasurably, if only I’d had the foresight to let him know. I will miss him dearly.

If you would like funeral details when they are available, please feel free to message me.

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