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Playing a match at the wrong time

Teams A and B are two of a number of teams playing in a KO tournament.  Matches are arranged between teams in the event privately, in accordance with a published timetable and draw. (For example: Round 1 has to be played by September 30th, Round 2 has to be completed by November 15th etc.)

The winners of the KO qualify to represent their region (their English County) in a national championship that takes place in June, so there is a very firm deadline for completing the event.

Team A have qualified for the final of the KO.

Team B are in the other semi-final, have agreed a date for it, but have not played it yet.  This date is after the official 'play by' date for the semi-final, but they have difficulties finding a suitable date (I don't know to what extent Team B are to blame for this rather than their opponents, or whether it was a consequence of earlier matches being played late.) Team B are strong favorites to win their semi-final match but not overwhelmingly so.

One member of Team B is going on holiday for 4 weeks immediately after their semi-final, so if they win, Team B will have very limited possible dates to play the final in time.  In fact, the only weekend they can make Team A cannot (it clashes with another national event that Team A have chosen to play in).

Team B are reluctant to weaken their team by adding another player.

Team B have suggested to Team A that they play the "final" before Team B play their semi-final, i.e. they play a 48-board match and consider the result to be the result of the final if Team B subsequently win their semi-final.

The regulations for the event do not mention this as a concept, either permitted or not permitted.

What do you think?

Illegal. They aren't allowed to play the final before the semi-final.
Perfectly legal but a crazy idea; Team A should obviously refuse.
Perfectly legal and a good idea; Team A should agree if they can find a suitable date

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