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Playing Weak NT. How to bid after 1m=1M with 4 card support.

My partner and I are disagreeing on the following. We play 12-14 HCP weak NT.

After the sequence:1m=1M

He wants the opener to rebid 1NT with 15-17 balanced even with 4 card support in the major.I prefer to show immediate support with 4 of partner's major.

He says, if systems are on after the 1NT rebid, we will still find the 4-4 fit.

Can some of you tell me the pluses and minuses of each alternative agreement ?


QUESTION: After you open a balanced 15-17 HCP with one of a minor and partner responds with one of a major:

Rank your top 2 choices, 1 being your top choice.

Raise the major with 4 card support.
Rebid 1NT to show 15-17 HCP balanced, even with 4 card support in the major.

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